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Tired of Unwanted Hair, Warts, Skin Tags, Cysts, Fine
Facial Veins, Blood Spots, or Moles?

 Electrolysis Works!

Electrolysis may be your answer for any unwanted hair and blemishes. I treat both men and women in most areas of the body. Facial hair is a large part of my practice including "unibrows" for teenage boys and girls. Womenoften find excess hair at different stages of life and treating it as soon as possible is a permenant solution to a long term problem. Various skin conditions are treated using advanced cosmetic procedures.

You will find my approach professional. You will receive treatmentin a clean, private room with a discrete waiting area. Free consultation happily provided where we can discuss any concerns and an explaination of the process.

Electrolysis is a time-honoured method of permanently removing unwanted hair.  It was first used in 1875 by Dr. Charles Michel, to permanently remove a recurring ingrown eyelash.  Other methods of hair removing have since been attempted and developed, but electrolysis is the only method which can legally claim and advertise successful permanent hair removal.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - Treatable conditions include;  warts, skin tags, sebaceous cysts, age spots,  blemishes on or around the eyelids, moles, and spider veins.

Are either of these treatments for you?  Book an appointment for advanced cosmetic procedures online. Please note that I am not accepting new clients for hair removal at this time.

Services provided by Byron Electrolysis are covered by some benefit plans.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is the only method of permanently removing unwanted hair.  When a clinician inserts a fine metal filament into a hair follicle, and runs an electrical current into the follicle, the cells that germinate into the next hair and the cells that feed the new hair are killed.  

This renders the follicle unable to support the growth of any new hairs.  This method of permanent hair removal is practised world-wide and has been used successfully since the late 1800’s.

Electrolysis takes its name from the process of running a negative direct current, similar to that of a battery, through a salt solution.  Electrolysis is used for a variety of purposes in industry to create chemical reactions.  In the case of hair removal, the chemical reaction converts the salts and moisture occurring naturally in the skin, into lye.  The lye, because it is fluid, fills up the follicle and cauterizes its lining, including the germ cells and food source which would generate and feed the next hair.

electrolysis be.png

There are 3 modes of electrolysis:

Galvanic Electrolysis --- Direct current (DC), is used to achieve chemical destruction of the hair follicle. Single or multiple sterile needles/probes are used. 

Thermolysis --- Alternating current (AC), sometimes referred to as high frequency or shortwave, is used to create heat, for destroying the hair follicle. A single sterile needle/probe is used.  

The Blend (also referred to as Dual Modality) --- Both of the above currents are used simultaneously or sequentially to achieve dual action destruction of the hair follicle.  A single sterile needle/probe is used for this procedure. 

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